Voip Service Provider

5ghz Wifi Victoria

Cloud Based VoIP PABX

Easy to Setup and Easy to use. IT Networks and VoIP can be difficult but our IT Services and VoIP Business Plans are among the best and lowest cost. We have plans for monthly spend + calls, and unlimited calls per month.

Low Cost Calls - Good Voice Quality

VoIP can sound like a robot talking if not done right. We use the Uniquiti Networks switches and routers that are fast and cost effective, and tuned correctly with our IT services.

Symmetrical Internet Melbourne
Dialler Odoo NSW

Softphone Optimised

Our VoIP products work with the Counterpath Bria Stretto softphone management solution. We help you use your computers as VoIP phones in your office and on the road. The Stretto management platform helps keep it all under control.