NBN Hosted PABX for Medical Centre/Dental Centre/Medical Professional Suites

Why select Wifi Labs for Hosted PABX
Modern Workflow for medical

Medical & Dental Practices need the lastest tech to do more - and pay less

We are specialists at NBN enabling your Medical or Dental offices with Cloud based PABX technology. We offer a comprehensive suite of features to suit just about any need. Your Cloud Hosted PABX system from WiFiLabs will give you all the features of a traditional PABX system costing tens-of-thousands of dollars, for a fraction of the price. Better still, our platform is always innovating, releasing new features on a regular basis.

Enable your reception team to manage calls more efficiently, with features like auto-attendant, automatic call queueing, call overflows, voicemail-to-email with transcription and more. If the team are all on calls, the PABX will answer with a recorded message, and place callers on hold until someone is available automatically.

Even Video Conferences such as Zoom, Gotomeeting, Google Hangouts or Skype conferences are better with faster internet networks from WiFi labs.

Work from Home - like you were in the office

Is your practice conducting telehealth calls? Why not do so from home?

All WiFiLabs Hosted PABX systems are work-from-home capable, right out of the box. Take your phone home, or use Hot Desking to take your phone profile with you to any phone in your organisation.

Softphone capabilities ( where your phone turns into an app on your laptop or mobile ), are included for free, enabling you to take work calls on your mobile handset (including transfer and hold functionality).

Our plans cater for small, medium and large practices, and INCLUDE  CALLS – so you know what you will pay each month ! Our prices are the best on the market, so its win-win. Call us before you sign with another Hosted PABX supplier – as we have NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS.

Embrace modern working, deliver better service, earn more and get more time back for yourself.

Work from Home

Australian based Support - fast answer times

Whilst we supply the latest PABX to automate your practice, we support you as well. Low prices doesnt mean we skimp on support. WE use local suppliers for our infrastructure as well, so we dont have overseas exposure. We focus on fast response, because we know you have obligations to your customers.

Our system is so well defined, you can set it up yourself, or we can do it for you for a minimal fee. We can also manage your entire office NBN upgrade and phone deployment as an IT project.

NOTE: We can also speed up your Wifi network and Internet as part of your PABX upgrade. Contact us before you sign with anyone else.

Hosted Pabx plans overview

interested in lowering costs regarding your phone system ?

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