ALDImobile – can it be used for Mobile Data for Mobile Workers ?

ALDImobile is fast becoming one of the best value Telstra pre-paid mobile services out there. It has various plan options and data only options. But can ALDImobile phone plans be used effectively for data plans as well ? Even if you you are a mobile worker or wireless internet warrior ?

The Telstra Network

ALDImobile resell the Telstra Wholesale network. Telstra’s Wholesale mobile network doesnt exactly have the raw blindingly fast speed of the Telstra Retail network – nor the reach. You can check the difference when you compare coverage maps from Telstra Retail and then from ALDImobile. This is the first thing you need to understand.

That said, the reach and coverage is very good, and for most people, its good enough. If you want the best coverage, and best speeds, the Telstra Retail network is the one to get – but that comes with a price hike.

The Data Plan Option

We propose that apart from the 365 day data expiry of data credit, that Data Plans for mobile workers is not that useful anymore. In the old days, a separate data dongle and then mobile phone was how you did it, but with 4G and now 5G, its so seamless, that you use your mobile phone as your mobile data device, as well as your mobile voice device.

How do I setup my mobile for data and voice ?

Well this depends if you use an Apple phone ( IOS) or an Android phone ( Android). In IOS, you setup the personal hotspot function, via Settings.

Aldi mobile

If you use Android, there are a few more button presses, but there are similar functions.

Aldi mobile


ALDImobile phone plans are very versatile. If you are having issues connecting, we suggest you can get Tech Support from specialists like WifiLabs. As a mobile worker, you need a more ruggedised setup than a regular mobile phone user. WifiLabs are specialists in wireless communications and can advise you how to get the right mobile Wifi setup. Call Wifi Labs on 03 9001 6916

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