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Ubiquiti Unifi has changed the landscape of networking

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Ubiquiti or UBNT as many people called it based on the URL secured by the manufacturer when they started out has introduced SDN ( Software Defined Networking ) to the masses. SDN was evolving as a corporate/enterprise system, used by the largest networks in the world, and Ubiquiti has developed under the name of Unifi for Small to Medium Business (SMB) and home installations of remote work warriors.

Unifi Controller

The centre of the Unifi concept is the Unifi Controller. This software allows the centralised control and remote management of the Unifi components. Its a great piece of software, that allows you to configure, update and fault find a Ubiquiti Unifi installation.

Unifi Security Gateway

High Performance USG by Wifi labs

A key component of the Unifi system, managed by the Unifi Controller is the Unifi Security Gateway. or the USG. It comes in small, medium and large variants and is a combined router and firewall device, controlled and configured by the Unifi Controller. It can be configured remotely by your Unifi installer, and just needs to be plugged in on site, and it then talks to the Unifi controller, as it gets adopted onto your Unifi network.

UBNT – now UI

UBNT was a very popular way to say Ubiquiti for techo’s. It was the original domain secured by Ubiquiti, and become synonymous with the companies products. Its been replace now by the domain UI, but it remains a key part of Ubiquiti and Unifi lingo.

Unifi Wireless and WiFI
Steps To Troubleshoot A Network

Unifi, for all the benefits it delivered in the area of SDN, was and remains a very powerful Wifi and Wireless product. Its so powerful, that wireless is a whole separate product line, using AP’s or Access Points. The hardware devices plug into your Unifi Switches and effectively give you Ethernet over radio waves, in 2.4 and 5Ghz Wifi bands. NOTE – be careful where you get your Unifi AP’s from. Wifi in Australia is a different frequency band to the US, and thus your US Unifi AP’s may get you in trouble with the authorities. Buy your Unifi equipment from a specialist who can also install and even remote manage your system for you. WifiLabs is such a company.

Benefits of Ubiquiti Unifi

The key benefit of Unifi to the home power user or the small business is that it brings “big company” network capabilities, to the little guy. This means that you can have good and secure wifi coverage thats fast, you can get fast and secure internet access for all users and for remote worker, you can get a video system that runs on the same network- that has remote viewing and monitoring and importantly, it doesnt cost “big company” dollars.

Ubiquiti Unifi Installation is key

We see out there, many people who can install your Unifi system. From phone tech’s, to IT people of all backgrounds BUT the best result comes from a professional Ubiquiti certified Engineer/Installer. Unifi, the Unifi Security Gateway, Unifi AP and Unifi Switches are all complex and are still IP Networking components. Get someone or a company that has professional IP networking credentials and experience. We of course recommend Wifi Labs.

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